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East Side of the MountainEast Side of the MountainThe Tongariro Northern Circuit is a hike that takes trampers to all of the huts surrounding the spectacular feature sof the north of Tongariro National Park. This photograph represents one of many such views.

Aotearoa - Maori for "Land of the Long White Cloud" A magnificent place to adventure and experience natural beauty.
Valley of the GiantLake Harris BelowHeavenly LightBathing BoulderThe EscapeSibling StonesGolden SpiralConverging FernsMitre Peak and Ridge, Milford SoundPasture near Wharariki BeachEvening at Lake MarianSouth Fiord SilverTwo Trampers - Kepler TrackWhat Goes UpFarewell SpitOver and OutDriftInquisitive SealConcentricPortrait of a Ripple in the Wind

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